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Why is conversion important?

In order for your video to playback on every browser and internet-connected device in the market, your videos have to be available in as many popular formats as possible.

To do this we convert you video from its source format to browser safe video formats like: .MOV, .FLV, .MP4, .OGG, .WMV, WebM, codecs (H264, VP6, ProRes) and bitrates (in megabits or kilobits per second). Every browser has a different specification, so we convert and encode your videos so you don't have to worry about the codecs, bitrates and screen sizes.

Then, we upload your converted video in those multiple formats and store it on our servers.

From there, we can either send you a special URL or an embed code to share your video on your web pages, or across your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other mobile applications. We can even embed your video into our multimedia newsletters and create video magazines and weekly podcasts for you.

When your viewer or customer opens the web page, our system detects the device and delivers the optimized video for the specific browser.

Leave the chaos of multiple devices and the hard work of conversion, encoding, storage and delivery to us, so you can better serve your clientele.

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