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Video Email Facts & Figures

  • Video email marketing reaps 280% higher returns than direct mail.
    —Gartner Research
  • People retain 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see,
    a 400% increase.—Wharton Research Center
  • 75% of all environmental stimuli are received through visual reception.—Doug Malouf
  • 63.9% of 5,000 people watched a video sent via email to completion.
    The average email viewer will only spend 8 seconds reading a text-based email—Marketing Vox
  • When presenters use visual aids in their presentations, they are twice as likely (67% vs. 33%) to achieve their objectives.—Decker Communications

Mail Clients & Video Email

Video plays on most iOS devices and in Apple Mail. Most webmail clients display a clickable fallback image when video is not supported. Hotmail plays HTML5 video when autoplay is used. Most desktop mail clients play the video and do display a clickable fallback image as necessary. Below are the some stats of the present state of the major mail clients and how they generally support video and fallback images.

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